About Us

Unique Proprietary Designs

Innotech Security has designed several unique technologies. Some of these include their patented SMARTCONTROL® CAT5 Solution and Intelli-FLEX line. These technologies are bringing Innotech Security to the forefront in CCTV engineering and design. Innotech Security is constantly researching and designing new features and technologies which enhance their products and the way they are used.


Custom Engineering

Innotech Security prides itself in its ability to work with clients that need custom design and equipment for specific applications. Innotech Security's engineers work with clients to design, develop and manufacture custom solutions that will meet their needs. This is a service few if any other manufacturer can provide without the need for ordering exorbitant manufacturing quantities. Innotech Security has been providing these services for some time to local, state, federal government and large corporate clients, now Innotech Security's complete unique lines, proprietary designs and designing services are available to all within the CCTV industry. Simply contact our Sales Office and speak to one of our experts, or schedule an appointment for a designing consultation. Our team is here to ensure you get the best quality and great prices.

Innotech Security Custom Engineering