What is Color@Night®?

Color@Night® is a type of camera sensor technology engineered by Innotech Security. The "H" Color@Night® sensor delivers 960H full color at night in almost total darkness, down to 0.00002 lux with over 730 TVL. All of our "H" sensor cameras include this technology.

Innotech Security Color@Night vs Standard Low Light Camera

Color@Night® Video Clip Taken at 11:00 PM

How does Color@Night® work?

All of the hard work is done by the sensor. You do not need anything special or out of the ordinary to use a Color@Night® camera. It is a standard analog CCTV camera that operates over a BNC / Coax connection. Simply plug in video and power then enjoy the Color@Night®.

For more information about Color@Night®, Please contact us or call sales at (954) 792-2818.